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Big Rig Rescue

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We are proud to bring you one of the most outstanding rescue courses in the United States and it's senior presenter and planner, Billy Leach, Jr. from Big Rig Rescue (Asheboro NC)
This course has been featured at the International Vehicle Extrication Learning Symposium, Firehouse Expo, Search and Rescue Disaster Response Conference, Fire Department Instructor's Conference, Fire Rescue Magazine's First Due Conference, American Towman Exposition, NC Extrication College, and FDNY's Technical Rescue School
Billy is the co-author of Big Rig Rescue a book teaching heavy truck anatomy and extrication.

Big Rig Rescue-Level 1


This class is limited to 40 students, to ensure maximum hands-on training opportunities.                                         Tuition: $150.00


Prerequisites: Attendees must possess a working knowledge of hydraulic rescue tools, high and low pressure airbag lifting systems, and stabilization tools such as struts and cribbing.


Attendees must furnish  personal protective gear, including: helmet or hard hat, independent eye protection (safety glasses or goggles) , gloves, full length fire retardant protective clothing,  and protective footwear with impact resistant toe cap.


Friday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Saturday 8:00am - 5:00 pm

Sunday 8:00 am - 12:00 noon


Attendees will receive classroom and hands-on training using unique techniques with both light and heavy rescue equipment.




Classroom training will provide information on:

Air Bag Lifting Systems (High, Low Pressure and New Technology)

Timber Cribbing and Strut Support Operations

The 5 Step Discipline for Overturns and Underrides



Attendees will perform uncommon extrication techniques such as trunk tunneling and the “Pickup Truck Slice”.  Also, unique methods of stabilization using strut systems and “cradling” techniques will be practiced, knowing the equipment is within its Working Load Limits, thus enhancing safety for all involved.


Attendees will operate at very challenging, yet realistic scenarios featured during the hands-on session.  Such scenarios include a loaded cement mixer overturned on a car, a side resting car under a van trailer, bobtail underride, and a loaded garbage truck overturned onto a car.


Attendees will be challenged with the problems that the anatomy of many different big rig vehicles can present.


Such scenarios as the loaded cement mixer overturn onto a car will present attendees with the problems involving stabilizing odd shaped vehicles and equipment.


Attendees will work alongside heavy recovery operators and understand their skill and expertise plus the distinct advantages of using their equipment.

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For more information contact:
Lee Junkins
Phone   817-521-7363