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This is just a few of the many things there will be to see and experience. These are all free and open to your viewing and participation.

SkidCar System will have at the event their 2007 Tahoe fitted with the SkidCar System for attendees to drive and assess its value.  The Tahoe is equipped with stability control, traction control and the latest ABS Systems. With these controls attendees can experience the latest vehicle safety technology and discuss the future needs of emergency responders of all types of vehicles. The issues of driver thought process that lead to control. 



SkidCar System Technology enables Law Enforcement, Protective Services, and Emergency Transportation Agencies and companies to train their drivers in the techniques of Skid Avoidance, accident avoidance, and proper driving techniques. SkidCar System enables the adjustment of the co-efficient of friction so any vehicle handling personality or environment can be duplicated in a standard paved area or parking lot.  Instructors have direct and immediate control over scenarios designed around driving and judgment problems and the reactions of the SkidCar System validate the responses of the driver. The SkidCar System meets the requirements of more expensive and prohibitive training options, such as skid pads and driving simulators.


Tri-anim Health Services will have Dr Hemant Vankawala MD from Baylor Dallas and Chris Weinzatfel on site all week end, presenting their latest airway tools and techniques.
Join in these free difficult airway classes.
If you are an EMT-P you do not want to miss this. You will experience actual hands on use of these tools and techniques using manikins actually pended in vehicle on four wheels, side resting and roof resting, along with one evening class(after dark) that will be done using only portable light bars.
To register contact:
Richard Chin
North Texas EMS Sales Rep
Cell 214.491-0749
Fri, Mar 14 10:30 am class
Fri, Mar 14 1:30 pm class 

Sat, Mar 15, 1030 am class
Sat, Mar 15, 1:30 pm class
Sat, Mar 15, 5:30 pm class


Ft Worth Bomb Squad
Capt Gary Rhodes and his crew; will be demoing their new robot as it extricates packages from wrecked cars and detonates them.


Hybrid Vehicles:
Thanks to many of our local dealers, many Hybrids, Multi Fuel, Natural Gas, and Alternative Fuel vehicles will be on display in our lot next to the class rooms.
(Pending Talks, we may have some Hydrogen Fuel Cells also)

Supplemental Restraint System Technology
We will be using them in classes on Friday, but be sure to visit Midsouth Rescue Technologies own booth on Saturday and Sunday to see one of the largest displays in the country, of all the new airbag systems, compressed gas struts, restraint system components, and many other dangers of new automotive technology.

Manufacturers Demo Area:
Be sure to visit our demo area often, this area located in the very center of the race track, will be open to all manufacturers and dealers all week end, to demo their products to potential costumers. You will see many things going on in this area.
Or ask a dealer to demo what you are looking at.
A demo schedule board will be posted at both main entry doors to the exhibit hall. We have ask our vendors to note the times they will be doing a demo, so you can plan to be in the area. 

Many more to come as we continue our planing.

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For more information contact:
Lee Junkins
Phone   817-521-7363