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Our 2008 Supporters

Our Sponsors for 2008
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Without the support of these people this event could never have happened !
Many thanks go out to all of the people, instructors, dealers, vendors, and manufacturers, that make it possible.

Thanks to the Teex people for their hard work and support. Through their interest and backing we are eligible for the TFS grant program making this training available to smaller departments that other wise could not have received it.
Special thanks to: Chief Lynn Bizzell, Scott Matthews, and Allen Russell.

Vehicle supply:
Thanks to Tex-American Recycling Company;
This company not only furnishes us 80 cars, but transports them to and from the track at their expense.
Thank to Carisma/Westloop Towing for both towing and supplying cars. This company not only tows and furnishes cars, but also stores our large trucks the year around.
Thanks to Frontier Truck Salvage for furnishing a dumpster truck for the Big Rig Class.
Thanks to Speedy Heavy Hauling for supplying the truck and pipe for the big rig class.

Many thanks to our tool suppliers:


These hydraulic tools will be provided to every class;

TNT, Holmatro, Phoenix, Genesis, Amkus, Lancier, Power Hawk, Hurst, Res-Q-Tec, Centuar,


These stabilization tools will be available to every class:

ResQtec, Res-Q-Jack, Zmag, Paratech, Air Shore, Turtle Plastics, Rescue 42, Markee, Kodiak, (Along with many brands of prefab cribbing.) and thanks to Universal Forrest Products and Home Depot for our wood cribbing.


Thank to Hilti Corp we will have a good supply of the new blades and reciprocating saws in each class.


Many airbag systems will be available: (high and medium pressure)

from just about every dealer.

Thanks to our wreckers who not only participated in the classes but tow trucks and cars from as high as 225 miles both to and from the track at their own expense.
ABC Wrecker Service-Ft Worth, Tx.   Cavin Wrecker Service-El Reno, Ok.   Chico Auto Parts-Chico, Tx.   West Loop Towing-Haslet, Tx.   B&B Wrecker Service-Euless, Tx.   AA Wrecker Service Haltom City, Tx 

The theme of our event is (interacting with your resources).
Thanks to PHI Air Medical, and CareFlite (air)  we will have two helicopters, and instructors for the landing zone class.
Thanks to the Ft Worth bomb squad we will learn the capabilities of them and their robot in an extrication scenario, and also get to see an actual bomb set off. 
Thanks to CareFlite (ground) they not only teach and supply the equipment for our Patient Care Classes, they are furnishing two ambulances on scene all week end.

Thanks to our fire protection people.
River Oaks FD: is furnishing a very well equipped utility truck for air and small tools. They are also furnishing many of our safety officers each day.
West Worth Village FD: is furnishing a pumper and crew all week end.
Tarrant County Fire Support Unit will be furnishing air all week end.

Thanks to the local companies that support us:
Break Through Communications: is furnishing us with 25 radios.
Metro Golf Carts: is furnishing us with Golf Carts for our staff.
Reddy Ice: is furnishing us a box and 1000 lb of Ice.
Nestle Water- Ozarka has donated water for our rehab stations.
T&C Hardware for paint and supplies


For more information contact:
Lee Junkins
Phone   817-521-7363