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Don't miss this opportunity!
With your help this annual event has the potential to be
one of the major extrication events in the nation.
Midsouth Rescue Technologies is a non-profit fire / rescue training org. and as you can see our goal is to provided the highest quality training available.

Needless to say, we are very excited about this year’s event! In our second year we've attracted students both nationally and internationally. 

Being represented are attendees from Alberta and Montreal, Canada, California, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Missouri, Louisiana, Michigan, Washington, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, New Jersey, Kentucky, Iowa, Montana, Oklahoma, Indiana and Texas. These folks are from various career and volunteer agencies, large and small. 

Thanks to your support, we are seeing our goals accomplished in this event. Without your support this would have been just an impossible dream.
We also understand that you have a business to run and must be able to recuperate the money invested to stay in business. We are working diligently to bring in not only students but potential customers to view your products.


Over 100 Booths will be available for vendors, inside the Winston Cup garages.
(see vendor registration below for sizes and prices)
Each full size (12x24) booth has an 8' overhead door.


2 lots will be available for fire, rescue, brush, aerial, tanker trucks, ambulances, and wreckers to be exhibited.
(see vendor registration below for sizes and prices)


A huge live demos area: 

All registered vendors are welcome to use our live demo area, located in the center of the field operations. (see Master Layout)


A demo schedule board (grease marker board) will be posted at the main doors of the exhibit hall. Vendors are asked to post the time that they are going to perform their exhibit, so spectators can plan to be in the area.


If vehicles are required for your demo, the vendor can supply their own or use what is left of vehicles after a class is finished with them.






Sponsorship Packages are available.

Platinum Package: $3000.00
Maximum of five Platinum sponsors.
One 12x24 Booth
One outside truck space
Additional truck spaces at $200.00 each
This package includes all items listed below.

Gold Package: $2000.00
Maximum of eight Gold sponsors.
One 12x24 Booth
Discount on outside truck space (truck spaces at $200.00 each.)
This package includes items 2, 4, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12 listed below.

Silver Package: $1000.00
No maximum- Unlimited
One 12x24 Booth
This package includes items 2, 6, 7, 10 listed below.

Bronze Package: $500.00
No maximum- Unlimited
One 12x14 booth
This package includes items 7, 10 listed below.

Standard Prices:
No maximum- Unlimited
Inside Booths:                                Outside Spaces:
12x24 - $400.00                              40x50 - $400.00
12x14 - $250.00                              30x40 - $300.00
                                                        15x20 - $200.00
Nothing extra included

 Sponsorship Items include:



  2.   One year ad on the front page of Midsouth Rescue Technologies website.


  4.   Your logo on the event Tee Shirt

  5.   A copy of the Student Contact list

  6.   Your signs placed throughout the field operations area. (vendor must provide signs/banners)

  7.   Your signs and Banners placed on the fence between the vendors hall and the registration building, or a better area as determined logistically (vendor must provide signs/banners).


  9.   One Nascar track ride along, (valued at $100.00).

10.   Vender’s name on the master vendor list. The list will be posted on the website to advertise who will be there and a paper copy will be placed in each registration packet and poster size lists will be placed throughout the expo area.

11.    Your link from Midsouth Rescue Technologies website to your website. (Vendor must provide the logo or banner)

12.    Two lunch tickets per day.


         Standard Booths and spaces are available until filled

Gold, Silver, and Bronze Sponsorship packages are still available.


Vendor Registration Details
In order to be sure each student visits your booth, we ask that every vendor supply a door prize on Friday and Saturday and a marked container on their table.
Four coupons for Friday and four for Saturday will be placed in every registration packet, the students will be able to place their coupons in the booths of their chose each day, for the evening drawing.

Booths will be available in the Winston Cup garage building, each full size (12’x 24’) booth has it’s own overhead door and all booths have electricity. Sorry all doors are only eight foot tall, inside ceilings are 11’ tall.


Two outside lots will be available for large truck and equipment exhibits. Electricity is available but vendors must supply their own extension cords.


Booths and  Exhibit Spaces are as follows:          

All booths and exhibit spaces are rented for three days, but can not be shared with second vendor.


                                                                                                 15’ x 20’ = $200.00

12’ x 14’ = $250.00                                         Outside       30’ x 40’ = $300.00

12’ x 24’ = $400.00                                                              40’ x 50’ = $400.00


Notice: Texas Motor Speedway reserves all rights to the sale of:

 Food, Beverage, Tobacco, and Racing Souvenirs.


Vendors will be able to move in and set up anytime after 8:00 am on

 Thursday March 13, 2008 


To reserve your booth or exhibit space

register online below or contact:

Lee Junkins at:


                               Midsouth Rescue Technologies                        

   10260 Westward Dr.  

Ft Worth, Tx. 76108




In order to get the advertising out and tee shirts and fliers properly printed:

All booths and exhibit spots must be pre-registered, and paid in full. 

Any cancellations must be in writing on or before 60 days of the event for full refund.


Vendors Registration Form
Register online to reserve you booth or outside exhibit space. Payment can be made via Paypal, or Credit Card by clicking on the Credit Card button below.
Notice: I understand that though twenty four hour security will be available for this event, Midsouth Rescue Technologies nor Texas Motor Speedway can be held responsible for lose or damages do to fire, theft, or any other means.

First name:
Last name:
Email address:
Address 1:
Address 2:
Zip code:
General Type Product
Choose Size

Notice: After submitting registration form please return here to submit payment below.

Payment can be made here
Thank you for your participation in Extrication Fest. We hope it will be a very successful event for you and we look forward to working with you.

Send check or money orders to:
Lee Junkins
10260 Westward Dr.
Ft Worth, Tx. 76108


For more information contact:
Lee Junkins
Phone   817-521-7363