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Take advantage of the many free classes available to all. 


EMT-Ps don’t miss this opportunity it’s Free!

Tri-anim Health Services will have Dr Hemant Vankawala MD from Baylor Dallas and Chris Weinzatfel on site all week end presenting their latest airway tools and techniques.
Join in these free difficult airway classes.
If you are an EMT-P you do not want to miss this. You will experience actual hands on use of these tools and techniques using manikins actually pended in vehicles on four wheels, side resting and roof resting, along with one evening class (after dark) that will be done using only portable scene light bars.
This class will be presented multiple times throughout Friday and Saturday. Be sure to register when entering so as to receive your certificate at the end of the class. (It is good for CE hours)
To register contact:
Richard Chin
North Texas EMS Sales Rep
Cell 214.491-0749
Fri, Mar 14 10:30 am class
Fri, Mar 14 1:30 pm class 

Sat, Mar 15, 1030 am class
Sat, Mar 15, 1:30 pm class
Sat, Mar 15, 5:30 pm class

Friday March 14, 2008

6:00 - 8:00 pm

Airbags and New Technology

Lee Junkins will be presenting the very latest information on safety restraint systems through the 2007 models. Both foreign and domestic. Including;

  • Driver’s frontal airbags
  • Passenger's frontal airbags
  • Door mounted side impact airbags 
  • Seat mounted side impact airbags
  • Curtain and roll-over protection airbags 
  • Carpet and seat mounted occupant positioning airbags 
  • Rear passenger airbags
  • Seat position, occupant position, weight, and seat belt, sensor systems.
  • Rop systems
  • Pre accident and post accident safety systems
  • Single and dual stage inflators
  • Pyrotechnic and compressed gas inflators.

Attendees will receive the latest information and techniques for dealing with: 

  • System shut down
  • Multiple battery locations
  • Vehicle scanning
  • Inflation zones
  • Trim removal
  • Inflator locations
  • Capacitor bleed down times
  • Out side sources of danger (cell phones, stereo systems,  static electricity)
  • And much more.

Attendees will have an opportunity to see and handle many of these system components.

One of the largest displays of airbags and related systems in the country will be on display.


Be sure to register at the door in order to receive your certificate at the end of the class.


Notice: These two classes will be run consecutively. Be sure to register at the door in order to receive your certificates at the end of the classes. It is not necessary to re register for the Hybrid class.
But, if you enter only the Hybrid class at 6:45 you must register before entering.

Saturday March 15, 2008
6:00 - 6:45 pm



During ExtricationFest! this session will be presented by Mr. Mitch Stewart. Mitch is the former Director of Training for Hurst and was assigned to the corporate office training site in Shelby, NC. He continues to serve as an Instructor and Paramedic in Union County, SC.


Initially attendees will learn specifically how a hydraulic rescue system operates and the associated requirements for proper operation. Thus they will understand the great importance of user testing and maintenance.


Following this information Mitch will present user maintenance information. This will allow folks to return to their agency and develop a schedule of operations that produces optimum condition of the tool, maintaining it ready for service.


Troubleshooting your system will be discussed along with the importance of both hydraulic flow and pressure measurement. Users will understand specifically what is required to maintain their system in the best possible condition of readiness.



Vendors have agreed to offer pressure testing of your power unit FREE during ExtricationFest!  If you’ve a concern with a specific power unit please bring it along to allow testing. This is a simple and effective procedure that will allow you insight into potential problems. This bonus will cover only pressure testing of a power unit during ExtricationFest! You may consult with the vendor for additional services. 

Saturday March 15, 2008
6:45 - 8:00 pm
Hybrid Vehicles:
Lee Junkins will be presenting Emergency Response to Hybrid Vehicles.
This class will cover the latest information and techniques for dealing with hybrids in both extrication and fire. Including:
  • Familiarization
  • Low and high voltage shut down
  • Sleep mode
  • Key-less ignition
  • Emergency response guides
  • Technical extrication information
  • Dealing with hybrid fires

Thanks to many of our local dealers, many hybrids, multi fuel, natural gas, and alternative fuel vehicles will be on display in our lot next to the class rooms.

A once in a life time opportunity!
The US Department of Energy will be doing multiple classes on the emergency response to Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicles.

More to come as we continue our planning


For more information contact:
Lee Junkins
Phone   817-521-7363