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ExtricationFest! is our major training event and expo
It offers three levels of Auto Extrication Training, Big Rig Rescue TM , Patient Care, Scene Management, Supplemental Restraint System Technology and Hybrid Vehicle Anatomy and Extrication. All this and an Expo complete with many Free Classes, Live Demos and Training Exhibits. 

Welcome to ExtricationFest!
Please visit the bettering our event page, as we have made many new changes in the content and structure of the event.
There is something for every one!
Training Exhibits.

We are extremely proud to partner with the Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) in bring you the third year of what we hope will be many years of the highest quality training events.
In teaming with TEEX these training programs are eligible for the TFS reimbursement program. (details are on the registration page)

It is our goal to bring you some of the highest quality rescue training available.
We have imported instructors from across the nation with the very latest
training ideas and techniques.
Due to a multitude of requests we are again featuring the: 

                              Big Rig Rescue TM Level 1 course 

                               Developed and presented by Billy Leach, Jr. 


                                       Many of our presenters are nationally known

                                              tool manufacturer's representatives.



We have revised our classes to meet and exceed the NFPA 1670,
1006 and 472 standards as they apply to auto extrication.
These classes are accepted by both SFFMA and the Texas Commission for CE hours and will complete the objectives for each level of the new certification program. 
We have limited attendance in each course to ensure lots of 
quality hands on training.

We have put together an event that no one can walk away from without learning something.
We have events, classes, demos, and displays for every emergency responder and agency

What? You didn't get accepted into one of the courses? Every course is open to spectator viewing. Spectator viewing is free.
Sure, you've heard all the hype about Hybrid Vehicles...
Many Hybrids and Multi-Fuel vehicles will be on display for your viewing all week end. (including both older and newer) 
You may have a question about how one brand of tools compares to another.
Now is the chance to see for yourself, as we will have multiple brands of rescue tools in actual use.
Be sure to check out our manufacturers demo area!
We will have a demo area where manufacturers will be performing live demos throughout the event. Some tools are so new that very few people have seen them.

Looking to purchase new equipment? Check out the vendors!!! There will be 100+ booths, displaying equipment, and products. Many vendors will offer special pricing, providing the opportunity for great deals!
Having trouble with a product? Many of the manufacturers themselves will be here, along with the local dealers.
Looking at a new ride? There will be an outside area full of emergency vehicles of all shapes and sizes for all purposes.
Responders love toys! Capt. Gary Rhodes, of the Ft Worth FD Arson/Bomb Investigation Unit and his robot will be extracting packages (IEDs) from wrecked cars and detonating them.
Care Flite and Phi will be displaying their air ambulances (helicopters).
Event Tee shirts and other novelties will be available for purchase.
Photos will be available

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For more information contact:
Lee Junkins
Phone   817-521-7363