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Hybrid and Multi Fuel Vehicles

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             Don't miss this special event!
The US Department of Energy will have a representative here to present the latest information on emergency response to Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicles.
He will be presenting this multiple times throughout the day Friday and Saturday.

Hybrid and Multi-Fuel Vehicles
Don't Miss This Free Class!
Saturday March 15, 2008
6:00 - 8:00 pm
Presented by: Lee Junkins
Matt Stroud from MGS Tech in Seattle Wa. 
will also be here to answer your technical questions
about the hybrid's mechanical systems. 
It is human nature to fear the unknown, Through misunderstanding and misinformation hybrid vehicles have earned their spot as the dreaded monster of the rescue world.  
This program is designed to sort out the truths, myths, and misunderstandings of Hybrid Vehicles and give the rescuer a solid understanding of their anatomy and operation.
In this class attendees will be introduced to eight simple steps that can actually make the Hybrid as safe or safer than a conventional car, in a rescue scenario. 

Hybrid and Multi Fuel Vehicles


 This class is open to all emergency personnel


No experience necessary


Attendees will receive the latest information and techniques for dealing with hybrids in both extrication and fire scenarios, including:

  • Familiarization
  • Low and high voltage shut down
  • Sleep mode
  • Key-less ignition
  • Emergency response guides
  • Technical extrication information
  • Dealing with hybrid fires

Many hybrid cars and trucks will be displayed.



For more information contact:
Lee Junkins
Phone   817-521-7363