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Bettering our event

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Bettering Our Event
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With 2007 being our inaugural year we had
many lessons to learn.
Thanks to your comments we have been able to make changes to
over come the problems and to better organize the event.

One of the major changes will be the content of each course.
In the state of Texas we have no certification for auto extrication.
Anyone can put on a class and give a certificate for the hours.
The goal of Midsouth Rescue Technologies
is to provide the highest quality training possible.
During the previous year we have been collaborating with the SFFMA certification board to establish an actual certification program.
This program is divided into four categories: Awareness Level, Operations level, Technician Level and after testing the technician can receive an Accredited Technician Certification. 
Each level has certain objectives and hours that must be met, much the same as
SFFMA fire certification program.
This years ExtricationFest! courses are designed to meet the hours and objectives of these levels of certification.
Each attendee will receive a break down of the hours and objectives covered in their course level. After completing an 8 hour Hazmat Awareness class. The attendee's Certification Coordinator can then apply to SFFMA for that specific level of certificate. (Once the program is formally approved).
When registering for the Intermediate or Advanced courses the attendee must provide proof of the required prerequisites for the level they are applying for.
(These are listed for each course, on their respective page).  
Each one of the courses in this years Extrication Fest will cover all objectives for that level, except an 8 hr Hazmat Awareness class, required to meet NFPA 472.
One of the 2007 concerns was the price of lunches.
Lunches will be provided for each attendee, and is included in the registration fee. Lunch vouchers will be distributed during registration.

 More class room space has been add.

For those with campers:
We have added a camping area.
The electricity at the track is operated by a coop and is only turned on for Nascar races.
We are renting 100K generators to place in the camping area.
If you intend to use the camping area please register on the camping area page.
We must know this in order to provide sufficient generators.

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For more information contact:
Lee Junkins
Phone   817-521-7363